Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sew....BIRTH workshop

Last month, The Art of Mindful Birthing presented Melissa Fox's quilting workshop - 'Sew....BIRTH?' in the beautiful workshop space Piece Together. Using Mindfulness, the participants explored what Birth meant to them individually - opening up to whatever arose through the creative exercises with kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. Melissa then lead them through her 'know-how' of fleshing this out through the process of quilt-making. In an aesthetic studio, with 8 succulent women, copious cups of tea, tasty food, stimulating talk from the heart, and the stirringly creative Birth Energy - we enjoyed an expansive and beautiful day together!

Here is a picture of Melissa and the women with their quilts - ready to grace their homes as wall hangings.

Inspired by the day, the women participants, and their creations -  and upon the request of more interested women, Melissa and I would like to run another workshop next month! 

Here is the flier.....